Help with Low Self Confidence

What effect can a low self-esteem have on a person?

Low levels of self-confidence can be very restrictive in a person's day to day life.

People often find that they need help in gaining an increased level of self-confidence with respect to:

What causes low self-confidence?

A low level of self-confidence can often be caused by the way that someone thinks about him or herself, often in a negative way (so called 'negative thoughts' or 'unhelpful thoughts').

When these 'unhelpful thoughts' start to happen, they can have a big effect on how the person sees him or herself. This can have a particularly dramatic effect if those 'unhelpful thoughts' become 'cyclic'. This means that they happen frequently, repeatedly, and the person's feelings about his or herself can quickly start to spiral downwards.

Low self-confidence can be closely related to social anxiety

The term 'social anxiety' loosely describes any fear where the person worries about what someone might think of them. When someone worries about what someone else thinks, it's often caused (or made worse) by the person themselves having a low opinion of their own abilities (low self-confidence), so low self-confidence and social anxiety can often go hand-in-hand.

Improving social anxiety problems can be relatively straightforward, when you know what to do

You might be relieved to know that there are a few things that issues like these tend to have in common. They are often to do with the way you think about the problem, and while they can be relatively straightforward to change when you know what they are, they can be difficult to spot if you don't.

If you'd like help with your social anxiety problem, check out our social anxiety self-help programme, or fill out the short contact form below...

Our social anxiety self-help programme

The Avon HypnoCognition® Social Anxiety Programme has been designed specifically to help with social anxiety problems such as fear of public speaking, presentation nerves or shy bladder, for example.

We've helped lots of people over the years to see what's behind their problems, and we can help you to do this too. We can show you how to recognise these things for yourself, and we've put all this info into a self-help programme.

What some of our previous clients have said...

Avon Hypnotherapy Testimonials.  Does hypnosis and hypnotherapy work? I just wanted to let you know how I was getting on, basically, I have been meaning to thank you for a while but I keep forgetting because to be honest I don't even think about my 'problem' these days, its history and I can't believe how much it previously dominated my life. 

I actually thought about the treatment only last week after I had been out for a meal with some of my girlfriend's family whom I had only just met. A year ago I would either made an excuse not to go, or had to get drunk to relax beforehand, but I just walked in to the restaurant, sat down and enjoyed myself, no problems, no fuss, no worry. 

There have no doubt been countless occasions since we concluded the treatment when I have acted differently to before, but its become such a way of life now that I take it for granted and feel so much more relaxed and happy for it.

Thank you so very much for the treatment, I was beginning to doubt I could ever have been 'cured' but I have been, the few people that I have told about it all asked me the same question "so what did she do to you?" and I always say "I'm not quite sure, but it definitely worked! Avon Hypnotherapy Testimonials.  Does hypnosis and hypnotherapy work?
...a social anxiety client based in Derbyshire

Avon Hypnotherapy Testimonials.  Does hypnosis and hypnotherapy work? I want to say a BIG thank you! I have finally found the confidence to be myself, and not care what anyone else thinks of me.

Without realising it, I have become more confident at was only after a couple of meetings where I challenged a couple of decisions, that I sat back and thought..Wow!...I would not have dared do that 3 months ago; I used to sit there at meetings too afraid to say anything in case I made a tit of myself, and now I find myself diving in without thinking about it...and I might add...I have been right in doing so!... The approach you took was fantastic...and I have already recommended you to some of my friends and family.

Thank you very much for all your support and for just being there when I needed someone to talk to.
Kind regards,
St IvesAvon Hypnotherapy Testimonials.  Does hypnosis and hypnotherapy work?
Carole, who overcame her self confidence / social anxiety issues

Avon Hypnotherapy Testimonials.  Does hypnosis and hypnotherapy work? I just wanted to thank you for the last couple of months ~ it has made so much difference to how I see myself and others and their negative talk and actions ~ its been like a total wake up.

When I came to you I had been so low and couldn't face the world ~ I found it tricky to even get out of bed in the morning ~ I would rather have just hidden from the world and myself and wanted to sleep so I didn't have to face anything...

Along the way you have helped me to unlock and find the route of where my feelings, thoughts and the way I per-sieve the world have all come from and I have now released the guilt and negative feelings I have about me and now kinda think i'm ok... the more I am aware of my thoughts the more I can change the way I think and hopefully help others too.

I was awake by 6am this morning, got up and made a drink and put some washing on and now sending you this email ~ lots of positives already, so early in the morning :0)

Once again thank you for helping me to help myself ~ its made a big difference to me
Thank you
Lorraine :0)Avon Hypnotherapy Testimonials.  Does hypnosis and hypnotherapy work?
A self-confidence / social anxiety client from Norfolk

If you'd like help with your social anxiety problem, check out our social anxiety self-help programme, or fill out the short contact form below...

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